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Terms and Conditions

April 4, 2024 by sarris

Booking conditions

The following booking conditions are governed by and constituted in accordance with Greek Law. Proceeding with a Booking through Corfu Villa Concierge implies full acceptance of these Conditions on your part and together with the relevant information set out on this website, will form part of your contract with Corfu Villa Concierge. Please read them carefully before you proceed:

Corfu Villa Concierge, (“Corfu Villa Concierge”, “we”, “us”) is the duly accredited agent of the owner of the property intended to be rent (“the Property”). Any booking made through us constitutes a contract between you (that is the intended visitor(s) to the Property which applies to all of you if more than one), the owner of the Property (“the Owner”) and us. Details regarding the owner will be provided to you on request. All deposits paid (other than security deposits) are held to the order of and passed directly upon receipt to, the Owner.

Corfu Villa Concierge is not a search engine nor a booking engine where you can book instantly a villa. All the villas in this website are available on various conditions applied i.e. availability. In order to rent a holiday villa through Corfu Villa Concierge you need to send us an email or fill the enquiry form

2.Price Policy

2.1. Prices are confirmed upon request of a booking is requested and are calculated per week and in Euros unless otherwise specified. You accept that all prices stated may change from time to time and without notice until we have confirmed acceptance of your booking.

2.2. Unless otherwise confirmed to you in writing, prices include gas, electricity, water, linen charge plus any maid service or other extra services specified at the time of booking.

3.Care and condition of the Property

3.1. The Property is rent strictly for holiday purposes and may not be used for any purpose other than that without the written consent of Corfu Villa Concierge. The number of any visiting party shall not exceed the Property’s capacity as advertised on the Corfu Villa Concierge website at the time of booking; Any extra visitors may be added upon request

3.2. After arrival, you must inform us as soon as possible of any damages in the Property or, any other damage or problem that may occur during your stay, so that we resolve any issues and notify the Owner, if necessary. Apart from any damage of which we are informed upon your arrival, you are responsible for covering the cost of all damage to the Property and any loss which can be identified from an inspection of the Property after your departure and you agree to fully compensate the Owner in this respect. In case of serious damage or misuse regarding either the Property or items provided it is at the discretion of Corfu Villa Concierge to end your stay earlier than arranged, with the agreement of the Owner

3.3. Corfu Villa Concierge bears no responsibility for failure of mechanical equipment such as pumps, boilers, etc., or public utilities (such as water and electricity). Corfu Villa Concierge bears no responsibility for noise nuisances deriving outside the accommodation or beyond our control.

4.Amendments or Cancellations by you

4.1. Any cancellation (for whatever reason) by you must be in writing by email to us at The effective date of cancellation will be the date on which we receive your written notification.

4.2. If you cancel 60 days or more before departure you will get back your deposit.

4.3. If you cancel 59 days or less before departure you lose your deposit.

5.Amendments or Cancellations by Corfu Villa Concierge

5.1. In the unlikely event that Corfu Villa Concierge needs to alter or cancel a booking, you will be informed as soon as possible and, if requested, we will try to find alternative accommodation of the same type and standards in a similar location. In case you do not request alternative accommodation or the requested accommodation is not available, you will receive a full refund of any payment you have made thus far and you accept that this adequately compensates you

5.2. The information and descriptions concerning villas (including photographs) offered by Corfu Villa Concierge present in good faith the amenities available at the time of booking.

6.Your responsibility

6.1. We cannot accept responsibility for clients missing flights as a result of late check-ins and no credit or refunds will be given if you fail to take up any component of your holiday. No credit or refunds will be given for lost, mislaid or destroyed travel documents.

6.2. You are responsible for the safety of all children and adults at the Property. Corfu Villa Concierge cannot be deemed responsible for accidents caused due to negligence on your part, either inside or outside the Property and nor can the Owner. Children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times, especially in the swimming pool.

6.3. If you lose, or have stolen, any personal items whilst on holiday, please obtain a written report from the police, to help with any insurance claim upon your return.

6.4. Linen is included in all our villas but it is advisable to take beach towels and cot bedding. Linen is normally changed once per week.

6.5. You are responsible for the costs of any damage to the accommodation and/or any extra charges incurred with our suppliers during your holiday. You are required to report any damage to the property owner, guardian or agent, and to bear the cost of repair or replacement. Extra charges for cleaning will be payable if you do not leave your rental property as you found it. . Should you fail to agree and make such payment at the time the charges and/or costs are incurred or prior to your departure, you will be liable to reimburse us for these and you authorize us to automatically debit your security deposit to the value instructed by the supplier for any such costs and/or charges.

7.Our Liability and responsibility

7.1. Subject to the limitations set out in clauses 8.1 to 9.1 (inclusive), we agree to be responsible to you for any direct financial loss that you suffer provided such loss is as a direct result of misrepresentation by us concerning your booking; the maximum amount of our liability to you is set out in clause 10.1.

7.2. In order to be able to recover any loss at all from us, under clause 7.1, such loss must have been reasonably foreseeable, both at the time this agreement was entered in to and at the time a claim is made; you acknowledge that it would not be reasonable for us to be responsible for losses that were never in the contemplation of either of us at the time your Booking was confirmed and this agreement was entered in to.

8.Recovery from Others

8.1. To the extent that you are able to recover any loss suffered from a third party, such as through travel or other insurance or from anyone else, you agree to use all best endeavors to seek recovery in full from that third party before seeking to recover such loss from us; however, to the extent that you may have a claim, we require you to notify us of the nature and extent of the claim as soon as possible, so that we are aware of the potential claim and, if considered appropriate, have the opportunity to take such steps as we consider necessary to mitigate any loss or damage that you might suffer as a result of it. No Liability for indirect or consequential financial loss

8.2. Our liability shall only extend to direct losses suffered by you in accordance with clause 7.1; to the extent that you may suffer any consequential, indirect or economic loss, of whatever nature, including loss of profit or wages, each of these are expressly excluded from the extent of our liability and you hereby waive any rights that you may otherwise have in law to claim such losses or damage.

8.3. You are entirely responsible for all personal items which you have with you during your occupation. As the Owner’s agent, Corfu Villa Concierge shall not be held responsible for any act or omission of the Owner under these Conditions or any booking made through us, as the responsibility lies with the Owner; this includes withdrawing the Property from rental, the Property being damaged to such an extent that it prohibits proceeding with the Booking or any alteration to the Property before your arrival – should we become aware of any of the above cases before your occupation, we will try to change your Booking, as described in clause 5.1.

9.Circumstances beyond our Control

9.1.  Neither we nor the Owner will be legally responsible either jointly or individually for any indemnity in case we or they are prevented or delayed from fulfilling our responsibilities as described in these booking conditions due to events beyond our control. That is an unforeseeable event that we or they could otherwise have avoided, including but not limited to:

9.1.1. The failure of any equipment or machinery furnished to you, adverse weather or local conditions including flood, snow or storm, the inability of any person to deliver or supply goods due to any disturbances in the availability of transportation, food, or utilities or for other reasons, including the shortage or increased costs of workers and service providers; and

9.1.2. Strikes or labor disputes, natural disaster, acts of terrorism, war, riot or civil disputes, malicious damage, fire or local restrictions.

10.Maximum Liability to you

10.1. Apart from clause 10.3, our maximum liability to you, whether in contract, negligence, misrepresentation or otherwise and including any liability we may have to statutory interest, is limited to the total amount of commission actually received by us in relation to the Booking under these Conditions.

10.2. Should we become aware of circumstances as described in clause 9.1.2, we shall inform you of these, saying that they have prevented or delayed fulfilling our responsibilities, but we will make all necessary moves to comply with this agreement as fully and quickly as possible.

10.3. However, no provision of these Conditions may limit or exclude our responsibility for fraud or for death or personal injury caused by negligence or breach of duty on our part.

10.3. However, no provision of these Conditions may limit or exclude our responsibility for fraud or for death or personal injury caused by negligence or breach of duty on our part.


11.1. Check-in time is set at 3pm on the date of your arrival. Late check-in is available at any time after 3pm.

11.2. You must check out any time before 10am on the date of your departure.


12.1. Should any complaints arise concerning the Property, you must inform the property manager within 24 hours and in writing (including email) Corfu Villa Concierge within 36 hours. Not doing so implies that Corfu Villa Concierge will not have the chance to look into your complaint and fix any issues and your rights may be affected as a result under this contract.


13.Rental Property Descriptions

13.1. Every effort is made to ensure that the details, description and prices contained in company literature is correct, based on inspections, and information passed to us by its suppliers. However, changes do occur, sometimes at short notice and therefore we will advise you at the time of booking, or if after booking as soon as possible of any such changes to our published information. It is not always possible for us to control all elements of the holiday whereby advertised facilities can sometimes become unavailable at short notice due to inclement weather conditions, lack of demand, emergency repair works, etc.

14.Data Protection

14.1. The information you are required to provide may include debit/credit card details. As set out above, we take full responsibility for ensuring that proper security measures are in place to protect this information. In accordance with applicable legal, regulatory and business requirements this information will be securely deleted as soon as it is no longer required. However, it is necessary for us to retain your debit/credit card details for a reasonable period of time after the conclusion of you holiday, and you consent to such retention, in the event that any costs referred to in clause 6.4 are incurred and you fail to settle these directly with the supplier, in order that us can debit your card for the relevant amount. This will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that the information is not kept longer than is strictly necessary for the purposes set out above.

14.2. Further information can be found in our Privacy Policy, which forms part of your contract with us.

15.Villa Arrival and Departure Times

Check-in Hour: 15:00
Check-Out Hour: 09:30-10:00
Late Check-in: Available any Time after 15:00

16. Minimum letting period

16.1 During all seasons the minimum letting period for a villa is 7 nights. However, some villas may be rented for shorter space. For further details please contact us.

17. Safety standards and regulations

17.1 The safety standards and regulations are those of the country you are visiting. As a result, please be careful when in unfamiliar buildings or surroundings, and get to know the escape route from your property in case of fire. Properties may include “hazards” such as open staircases, unfenced areas, mezzanines, open drops etc, and it is imperative that your party take responsibility for their own safety. As with all rental properties in prime locations there may be a small risk of burglary. We ask all Villa Owners to provide all Villas with suitable security measures. However, it is your responsibility to ensure the available measures are used when necessary, including when leaving the property, when spending time in the pool or rear gardens and overnight. This may include, where available, locking doors, closing and securing shutters, securing valuables in a safe and setting security systems. We cannot accept any responsibility for any loss resulting from failure to follow these steps. Any valuables left at the property are left at your own risk.

18. Swimming pools

18.1 The majority of our properties have swimming pools, which are not manned. Some swimming pools have safety features such as pool alarms, covers and fences, but not all. Please familiarize yourself thoroughly with the depth of the pool and how to get out, and exercise safety and caution at all times, especially with children, non-swimmers and if diving. Children and non-swimmers are your responsibility at all times.

19. Telephones / Internet

19.1. Telephone and internet arrangements vary from property to property and are sometimes metered (charges payable locally on departure). In some cases, there is no landline telephone and due to the rural nature of many of our villas, cell telephone networks may be weak or non-existent.

19.2 There may be occasions when internet service is interrupted and whilst every effort will be made to resume the service, please note that we cannot be held responsible for loss of internet access (or the consequences of loss of access) during your holiday.


20.1 Pets are generally not permitted but please check with your Corfu Villa Concierge Consultant at time of booking.

21. Local Wildlife

21.1 Please note that the majority of our villas are located in rural areas, where wildlife such as animals and insects are as natural a part of the landscape as the grass and the trees. It would not be particularly unusual to encounter animals, such as rodents, deer, goats, cats (stray or belonging to nearby locals), or insects such as wasps, bees, flies, ants or scorpions and spiders. Insects and animals can be attracted to swimming pools, nearby streams or ponds, local vegetation or sometimes food left out following an al fresco meal. We would urge you to keep doors and windows closed as far as practicably possible and to clear all remains of food following an outdoor (or indoor) meal. Please do not purposefully feed any local animals – it will encourage them to return and they may not be so welcome to the next guests. Please note that we cannot be held accountable for the presence of animals or insects at the villa you choose. If you suffer allergies triggered by animals, please let us know before booking – whilst we cannot guarantee animals will not be present, we can recommend villas where the possibility is lessened (for example where we know owners have not kept animals).

You may cancel your booking at any time, according to our villas cancellation policy, by sending us a message to
You shall receive the appropriate amount of refund, regardless of your reasons for canceling, depending on the date of your cancellation. The effective date of cancellation will be the date on which we receive your written notification.

The required time to complete the transaction may vary depending on your bank.
Please send us to the following information.
Name, Surname, ΙΒΑΝ, Swift Code / BIC, Name of Villa, Dates of Reservation, The Reason of Cancelation (optional)

Date by which notification is received     Charge

More than 56 days prior to villa arrival                Loss of deposit

55-43 days prior to villa arrival                                50% of total cost

42-29 days prior to villa arrival                              65% of total cost28

28-15 days prior to villa arrival                               90% of total cost

14 days or less prior to villa arrival                        100% of total cost